We got a great question from a customer recently regarding the sugar content of our juices:

I have been thinking about your juice cleanse for a while and I think I am finally ready to commit to a cleanse. I was looking at reviews and the only negative thing I saw was a concern about higher grams of sugar and carbs. I wanted to make sure that there is nothing added to your juices and the resulting sugar content is simply due to the fruit.

Great question! With all the concerns around SUGAR in our diets being brought to light, this is a valid concern amongst juicers. This is because juice, when found in the grocery store… i.e. your standard pasteurized apple, cranberry, orange juices, IS straight-up sugar water. It has been processed in order to keep it from spoiling, but in the process, loses all of its nutritional content.

Many of the mainstream juices, additionally, need to add sugar, artificial nutrients, and color to them to recreate the original flavor and essence. 

NOTHING is EVER added to our juices. It is fruit and VEGGIES and nothing else.

Juice Life NEVER uses any type of pasteurization.

No pasteurization means that your nutrients and enzymes are intact. Our juices are NOT processed… at ALL. I say this, because many other juicing companies DO process their juices. If they don’t use pasteurization, they use a process called HPP (High-Pressure Processing), which is not as bad as the standard pasteurization methods, but still degrades your nutrients and enzymes!

Why is it important to have your nutrients and enzymes intact? When you juice, you flood the body with nutrients to help support and rebuild. Enzymes are your life force that allow you to repair organs, flush out old cells, and create new cells (think beautiful skin, beautiful hair, fat flushing, and energy for days). When these enzymes are heated or pasteurized they die, which means you don’t get the benefits of the cleanse. This is why it’s so important that Juice Life never processes or heats their juices– to keep those life-invigorating enzymes intact!

Another point I like to add when focusing on the idea of taking in more carbohydrates (even natural ones found in the fruits that are juiced) is, it’s a matter of balancing your macronutrients. For instance, since you won’t be taking in the regular amount of fats and protein you would while not on a cleanse, it allows your body to process more carbs— especially without the fiber.

When considering the sugar content naturally found in fruits while juicing, it’s important to make sure you are not ONLY juicing with fruits. It’s important to have lots of veggies in your juices. This is why our VEGGIE juices are emphasized in our juice cleanses. A well balanced juice selection is extremely important to get your nutrients in and keep your blood sugar balanced.

If you are still concerned with balancing your blood sugar levels, consider drinking our juice as a supplement to your diet full of vegetables, healthy fats, and protein.

Either way, you’ll be infusing your body with nutrients and making your body happy (and that makes US smile). Ready to do a juice cleanse?

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